Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Birthdays Three

Hello again!

Last week I had to make three birthday cards in double-quick time. Now, anyone who knows my husband will agree with me that he is one of the loveliest men you could ever hope to know, but he is HOPELESS with birthdays! Apart from mine, he usually forgets or, if he remembers, he gets the date wrong. I got a panicky message telling me about three birthdays in the space of three days, one of which we were already late for, one was the next day and the third was the day after that (actually it was a couple of days later than he thought, but as I said, he's not good with birthdays..).

So, what to do. I was in the middle of doing accounts and needed to find my creative head in a matter of moments. It's at times like this that I love the fact that our catalogue is an Ideas Book and Catalogue - I rifled through and found a gorgeous card that I'd been meaning to adapt. Now was the time! Here are the cards I made, all slight variations on a theme:


 Here is the inside of one of them - I did them all slightly differently.

Helen, Charlotte and Sonja - I hope you liked your cards, and that you all had fantastic days! Next year you should get your cards on time, 'cause I've put them all in MY calendar :-D

Back soon. Thanks for visiting.



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