Friday, 15 July 2011

Christmas In July - Swaps Part 2

The swaps Alan made to take to training last Sunday really went down a storm. I'm not surprised - look at these:

Aren't they fab? The funny thing about these was that I'd been reading a thread on the excellent "In Love With Stamping" forum about stamping on candles, and was thinking that I really ought to do some more of this. I hadn't mentioned it to Alan and I know he never looks at the forum, so how surprised was I when he suddenly announced he wanted to stamp up some tealights as his swaps!(Just realised - I didn't change the watermark on the photo. It wasn't me who made these, it was Alan, despite what I've put on the photo. Doh!)

Several people asked us, over the course of the day, how he managed to stamp on the wax. So, I'm going to put together a mini-tutorial to show you. If you want to see it though, you'll have to subscribe to my newsletter, 'cause I'm only going to make it available to people on my mailing list, as a "thank you" for the support they give me. If you want to subscribe too, there's a link you can click on, in the sidebar.

Well, you've seen the swaps we took to training, and I really hope you liked them. Next time, I'll show you the gorgeous swaps we received in return. They are just bee-yoot-i-ful!!

Thanks so much for dropping by! See you soon.



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