Friday, 5 August 2011

Paper Roses.....

Well, paper daisies actually, but that's not how the song goes! I wanted some fresh samples to display at the craft fair I went to at Ipswich Library last weekend and these just seemed perfect. I loved making them and, from the comments I got, you all loved them too. With the Big Shot, fab projects like this are just so easy!

I ought to add that these aren't my original design (much as I'd love to say they were!). I saw them first on the fabulous Jo Dumbleton's blog and couldn't wait to try them out. Mine aren't exactly the same as Jo's, 'cause I like to fiddle a bit and came up with my own, slight, variation, but hers were the ones that inspired me. The container is a very faintly disguised coffee jar - in the rush to prepare I forgot to source myself a vase so improvised at the last minute. I have to say, I actually prefer it to a proper vase!

Back soon. Thanks again for dropping by!



1 comment:

Marisa said...

These looked even prettier when I saw them on your display Becki.

Hope the craft fair went well xx