Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Hostess Benefits Are Now Even Better - Book Your Workshop Now!

Hello! Yes, I know you all know it by now - hosting a Stampin' Up! Workshop is a fantastic way to enjoy crafting time with friends and to earn amazing hostess-only benefits. Well, I'm so pleased to be able to tell you that with the new Idea Book and Catalogue, those Hostess Benefits are even BETTER than before!

The new system is more simple and straightforward than it used to be (phew!) and far more versatile for our lovely hostesses. Hostesses now earn "Hostess Pounds" to spend in our catalogue, based on the level of sales achieved at their workshop. These Hostess Pounds are as good as cash - better! - and can be put towards absolutely anything in the catalogue. There are still Hostess Exclusive Stamp Sets, and if a hostess chooses to put her Hostess Pounds towards these, then they will go further, as these are available at a huge discount from what they would cost if they were available to buy in the main part of the catalogue. And oh my goodness, the Hostess Stamp Sets are incredible this year!!!

Sounds fab, yes? It gets even better... When you host a workshop at which sales reach £300 or more, you get the chance to start choosing items from the catalogue, at a massive 50% discount! That's in addition to the £50 Hostess Pounds that you will have to spend at that level! Just think - you could host a workshop and bag yourself a Big Shot for half price, as well as getting £50 worth of products absolutely FREE (based on a workshop sales level of £300)!

I am so excited by this new system of Hostess Benefits - there really has never been a better time to host a Stampin' Up! workshop.  Here is the full Hostess Benefits table for you to feast your eyes on. Click on the picture if you want to make it bigger:

My contact details are in the sidebar, so don't hesitate, contact me to book your Stampin' Up! workshop now! I can't wait to share Stampin' Up! with you and your guests, and you won't be able to wait to choose all that lovely free merchandise!

Back soon, thanks again for dropping in.



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