Monday, 5 December 2011

At Last - Some Convention Photos!

Hello! I am still here, I promise, despite appearances to the contrary! It seems like a century ago that I was at Euro Disney, enjoying this year's Stampin' Up! European Convention, yet this is the first chance I've had to show you any of the pictures I took. I have been SO busy since I got home, which has been fantastic, but since my functioning day is much shorter than most people's (thanks to the M.E. I have to have regular rests during each day in order to keep going) it means that my blogging has really suffered as a result. So, thanks for being patient and sorry for keeping you waiting!

Wow - EuroDisney! I'd never been before, and I deliberately didn't head into the theme park area as I want to go there with Alan at some point. But the hotel we stayed in was just outside the Disney Village, and the hotel that the business bits of Convention were held in was even closer. Here is the latter, the New York Hotel (really posh and SERIOUSLY expensive):

Just LOOK at that weather - it was like this for the whole weekend. Very cold, but somehow that doesn't matter when it's so beautifully sunny. See the lake in front of the hotel? Well, if you turn to the left, you can see this across the other side:

I thought this was brilliant - I'd have loved to go up in it and it's on my "to do" list for whenever I get to go back. Mind you, if you thought it was a hot-air balloon, then think again! In this next photo, you can just about see the cable.

I took several of these photos, at different stages of the balloon's ascent. I have a sneaking suspicion they're going to turn up on a scrapbooking page in the very near future....

The lake was fed by what I'm pretty sure was an artificial river, but nevertheless it looked very pretty. Here is the view from the far side of the bridge, looking along the river:

And on the bridge were several of these lampposts. Is it just me that likes pretty lampposts? I have a real thing about them - why shouldn't something practical be beautiful in its own right?

Here it is in close-up:

I didn't take many pictures of our hotel itself, mainly because most of the time when I was there I was on my way to or from the convention venue, doing a pretty good impression of a pack-horse, thus with no free hands to take photos! However, I did manage to take this one of the gorgeous Native American headdress that was just by the exit to the gardens. Isn't it beautiful!

It must take SO long to make something like this. Truly spectacular!

Right. That's enough photos for one day - I hope you've enjoyed looking at them. I'll be back soon with some more Convention pics. And by "soon", I definitely mean soon. I'm going to try really hard to update this website more regularly. Note to self: must be more organised!

Thanks for dropping in. Leave me a comment if you've visited, I love to hear from people who visit my blog - and if you leave me your web address I can pop by and say hello to you too!



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Tina said...

Hi Becki,

Lovely pictures, it is so beautiful there. On your first
picture with the steps in front
of the hotel that is where we sat
and watched the firework display
that was taking place on the water.
We took Hannah there when she was
9 years old.