Monday, 30 January 2012

Useful AND Pretty – Peg Memo Holders

Hello! I was having a bit of a tidy-up the other day and came across a couple of stray wooden pegs. I was about to toss them into my peg bag when I thought maybe I could put them to better use. Ten minutes and a rummage through my scrap boxes later, this is what they had become:

I stuck a piece of magnetic strip from my “will come in useful one day” drawer to the back of them, and now they give a spot of much-needed colour to the side of the black filing cabinet that houses all my A4 cardstock. Perfect for holding those little notes that I need to keep but have scribbled on scraps of paper too small to stand out on a desk that – let’s face it – is COVERED in bits of paper and cardstock all the time! This way I can find them and they look pretty too. 

It's a great way to use up teeny, tiny scraps of paper. The only thing I would change is that the magnetic strip isn’t hugely strong, so if the note is heavy, the pegs slither gradually and gracefully down to floor-level… But hey! I think I did only pay about £0.99 for a whole bag of the stuff, so I’m happy!

Thanks for looking – back tomorrow.



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