Saturday, 21 January 2012

Useful AND Pretty - Ring Binders

Hello! Paperwork is a lot on my mind at the moment, what with the deadline for submitting my Tax Return fast approaching (and no, I've not finished it yet..). I have LOADS of ring binders holding different categories of papers, many of them dating back twenty-odd years to when I was at university, and when lined up next to each other they made a bit of an odd-looking collection. Now because our office is also our craftroom, I want everything to be as inspirational as possible, and boring old ring binders really weren't helping my mojo!

My solution - to dig out the retired Designer Series Paper that I haven't been able to part with yet (but can't use any more in my workshops and demonstrations) and stick a strip along the spine of each of the ring binders. Quick and easy, and I get to look at pretty papers all day, which in my book (yuk, horrible pun, sorry!) is a Good Thing. Here's a photo:

Most of my binders have rivets in the spine, where the rings inside are attached, and I found the paper looked weird if I glued it over the top. I punched holes to accommdate them, using our half-inch punch, before I stuck the paper down. I'm really pleased with how they look, and they're SO much prettier than before, and so much less... office-y, if you know what I mean.

Oh yes! If you spotted the binder that isn't covered with paper, I'll show you that one more clearly. It's the fabby binder we were given at Convention. Here it is:

And here is what's inside it: A loose-leaf copy of the current Idea Book and Catalogue - so useful!

Around the edges of the first photo, you can just see the other cubbyholes in our Expedit shelving unit, with some of my Big Shot dies. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without this shelving, it is like a Tardis! Trouble is, I need another one! And to the left is where I keep my 12" x 12" papers, in hanging slings. So much easier than ferretting through huge stacks, which is what I had to do for ages.

Thanks for looking. I'll be back tomorrow with more for you. Have a lovely day!



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