Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Craft Day Sneak Peek


Time goes so quickly! There is just over a week left to book your place on the Craft Day that I'm organising with two of my team, and we've been working hard preparing sample projects so we can give you a sneak peek. Here's a tantalising little glance at one of the projects:

I'll be putting up more previews over the next few days. If you can't wait, then you need to click on the link in the sidebar to join my mailing list, as I've just mailed out more sneak peeks to my subscribers...

If I've whetted your appetite, then you can find full details by clicking here, and you can book your place by clicking on the PayPal link in the sidebar. If you don't (or don't want to) use PayPal, then drop me an email or call me (my number's in the sidebar) and I'll talk you through the other ways of paying. You have until 10:00pm on Wednesday 14th March to secure your place.

In the meantime, Sale-A-Bration is continuing apace and it's been wonderful to be able to spend time with so many lovely crafters at workshops and classes, sharing what I love with them and helping them to earn exclusive free stamp sets (click here if you want more information about how you can get your hands on these gorgous gifts). There are only a few weeks left to go, and everyone is definitely making the most of it!

On a non-crafting note, what a weekend it was! Alan and I got SOAKED at our allotment on Sunday, pegging out beds and pathways in the howling wind and driving rain. At least we hadn't parked on site, 'cause from the look of the one car that had been parked there, it wasn't going to be getting out for quite some little time - it had sunk up to its wheel-rims in mud! There was no-one around, so the driver had obviously given up all hope and abandoned it for the day. I hope they managed to retrieve it eventually, although I suspect they would have had to borrow a tractor. I hadn't realised quite how much clay there was in the soil - anyone know of a cheap supplier of (huge amounts of) well-rotted manure in the Ipswich area?

Thanks, as always, for dropping in to visit. I'll be back again soon.



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