Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Craft Day Project - Jewellery Inserts and Storage Folder

Hello! Wow - what a productive day I've had! Cycled down to the hospital for an x-ray (nothing serious..), catching up with paperwork this afternoon and then an hour or so at the allotment when Alan got home from work. Feeling all virtuous, we decided to head off to the cinema, only to be foiled first by roadworks clogging the road into Ipswich and then by the fact that the car park we usually use for the cinema has suddenly decided for some reason that it's going to close at 10pm every evening! Not wishing to get ourselves locked in, we decided to admit defeat and head home, so here I am!

I've been promising you a proper look at the projects we made at the Craft Day at the weekend, so here is the first one. I couldn't let the gorgeous "Simply Adorned" range slip through my fingers without including it in a mega-project so, as part of their Project Pack, everyone got one of the large pendant Charms, and one of the long chains, to customise as they wished. Here is mine, with one of the inserts I made as an example:

I love this jewellery! You can change the inserts to reflect your mood, and to match your outfit - so versatile! Here are some more of our sample inserts:

Of course, you need somewhere to store all these inserts, so here is the Jewellery Folder I designed to keep them in:


Just like those expensive jewellery pouches you can buy, the protective covers fold in to keep the inserts in place so you can carry the folder without worrying that you're going to lose everything.

I loved designing this project, the ladies enjoyed making it and I hope you like it too. I'll post pictures of some of the other projects soon, so do pop back to have a look.

Thanks for dropping in! Back soon....



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