Saturday, 26 May 2012

It’s All In The Detail

Hello! Have you ever looked at a project that you’ve worked on for ages, but you’re just not happy with how it’s turned out? I do, often. When I started papercrafting, this really used to worry me, and more often than not I used to ditch the project altogether, and start over again, usually coming up with something even more complex and time-consuming. Because I have no design training I worried that I was missing some vital knowledge, some “knack” that would make everything work, all the time. It bugged me.

The answer is usually a lot more simple than I thought it ought to be. Often, all that is needed is one small touch, a tiny bit of detail to turn an “okay-ish” project into a “wow, that’s fantastic!” project. The card I posted yesterday is a really good example. Here’s a close-up of the flower embellishment.

Now, as an experiment, I tried making up this card with a slightly different flower. The punch I used was the same, and I added a punched-out circle of Daffodil Delight cardstock in the centre in the same way, but I left off the button, and I didn’t snip into the petals. This is what the flower looked like:

And the card? Well, it looked alright, I suppose, but it looked unfinished – something was missing. As soon as I added that button to the centre, and snipped into the petals, the card came to life. No change to the basic layout, and only a minute or so of additional work needed – no skill and certainly no rocket science. But it made all the difference between a card that NEARLY worked, and a card that leaped off the table and demanded attention.

The next time you feel a little flat because the project you’ve put so much love into doesn’t quite come off, don’t worry, don’t beat yourself up and CERTAINLY don’t consign it to the bin! Just have a think about where you can add a little finishing touch, to breathe life into what will already be ALMOST perfect. A quick flick through the Stampin’ Up! Idea Book and Catalogue will show you our amazing range of “finishing touches” so that, whether your project needs a bit of sparkle, a button, ribbon or brad, you’re sure to find exactly the right thing – after all, Stampin’ Up! is all about making it easy for you to create projects that are spot on!

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