Saturday, 5 May 2012

Jubilee Year!!!


Here is a fantastic decor project I made a few weeks ago at one of our training meetings - isn't it fab?! Really on trend for this year, given all the patriotic things you see everywhere in the shops at the moment... I love it!
The project was designed by my Stampin' Up! "grandma", Monica Gale. Clever lady... It uses one of our Scrapbooking kits (or part of one, anyway) and a number of our brilliant chipboard elements. I don't often work with chipboard any more and I'd forgotten how much fun it is. I have lots of chipboard-y projects in my mind for the future.. So many things I want to do, so little waking time to do them!

This afternoon is my Kesgrave "Cards...and More!" class, which I'm really looking forward to, and I'll be back tomorrow to show you some more pretties.. Thanks for dropping by.

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Tina said...

Hi Becki,

The project looks stunning. xx