Wednesday, 8 August 2012

WOYWW - Not So Neat!


I wasn't able to take part in last week's "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday" but wanted to join in this week. Partly because I had such fun looking at what other bloggers are up to, but also because I got so many comments about how neat my desk was. Well, have a look at this... Not quite so tidy this time!

I've had such a hectic few weeks and am still in the middle of putting everything away after doing a class and a Fair this weekend. I have a crafts-to-do list as long as my arm but can't actually get near my crafting space at the moment! Guess what I'm doing this afternoon!

Right in the middle of my desk you can see my amazing Stampin' Up! tote. I have no idea what I would do without this wonderful bag - it holds so much! Just off to the left you can see the proof of my busy time recently: I STILL haven't finished that button frame I posted on WOYWW a couple of weeks ago. Every time I get to it, something else crops us and it gets moved to the side again. I promise it WILL get done as soon as I possibly can, and I'll show it to you when it's finished.

Okay. I'll hold my hands up... I am a bit of a neat freak and it really bothers me to see my desk like this. I'm getting twitchy just looking at the photo. (I'm typing this on my laptop while sitting downstairs on the sofa, so I don't have to deal with the mess JUST yet). If you ask my husband, he'll tell you that actually I am either extremely neat and tidy, or in total chaos. There is no in-between. I HAVE to be tidy, or I have no idea what I'm doing, or which way is up. Being organised really is the only way for me to function properly. Hmm.... I'm sure a psychologist would have something to say about that.

Rosie has been taking up a lot of our time recently. Regular readers will remember that she's on tablets for hyperthyroidism, and she seemed to be improving rapidly and was beginning to put on weight. Unfortunately, I'm starting to realise that she's not a kitten any more, and at fourteen she's just started (only occasionally, thank goodness!) to miss the litter tray. Euch! Ah well, that'll teach me! I thought that not having children would mean I never had to clear up unmentionable substances from floors. Apparently not. Time will tell whether it's a phase or whether it's just the beginning of an ongoing problem. My poor Rosie - she has been getting so distressed when it happens and is SO grateful when we clear up after her and Make It Go Away.. Love, love love our gorgeous little cat...

Thanks for visiting, and I'll be back again soon....


Hazel said...

I understand your feelings because I too like to be neat, but there are times when things just have to be all over the place when you're so busy. Love that hold all. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #99 x

Claire said...

that looks like a great bag!!
have fun unpacking, and i'm sure you'll be all tidy and ready for creating in no time :)
happy WOYWW!
no. 11

trisha too said...

Well, Becki, you remind me I should be doing some cleaning up as well!

:)trisha, #113 this week with a quilted inchie

Cath Davidson said...

Erm...that's untidy?! Eek! That tote is totely gorgeous. Happy tidying.
Cath #116

BJ said...

Nice tote, bet that is organised inside too. Nothing wrong with tidy if you ask me. A place for everything and everything in its place. BJ#19

butterfly said...

That tote is fabulous! And the desk seems manageably messy to me, but I know that feeling of getting twitchy for some space. Hope your poor pusscat perks up...
Alison x

Di said...

Hi Becki

I'm a bit like you - I do like neat, although sometimes veer to total chaos :)

The SU sets you tried to peek at include the little houses, a Christmas church and some sentiments - without going to look I can't quite think of the others. One of the sentiment sets just has four in but they are lovely long single line scrolled writing.

I didn't explain that too well did I?!

Belated Happy WOYWW, at least we finished the envelopes in super fast time! Di xx #3

505whimsygirl said...

Oh Becki,

But your desk does look neat! I like that tote you have there. There are parts of my house that are tidy but definitely not my dining room table, where I craft.

Yesterday was my blog anniversary - candy will be announced soon. As part of the candy I'm offering up something made by me -- so come visit and cast your vote (if you've already been - thank you. I'm trying to visit everyone this week so haven't checked in on my comments lately).

Kay #96

Emily said...

Hope you manage to get the chaos in order again soon and get the button frame finished.
I hope Rosie improves soon.

Hugs Emily #65

Lindart said...

Love your tote! I have a similar one i use for all my journaling stuff, but not as pretty as yours! You sound like a very busy gal! I hope Rosie continues on her path to wellness. We also have an older cat, about 15!
Linda #139

Annie said...

Hi Becki,
Thanks for calling in on me this week. I have to own up to being a neat freak too. I don't like to have to waste my time looking for things so I like to keep a placew for everything...thats my excuse anyway :-)
A x

Amy E said...

Nothing wrong with being neat and organized! I wish my desk looked like yours right about now!

Poor kitty. We have 16 and 18 year old cats. I hate to tell you, but once they start missing the litter box, it doesn't tend to get any better. Our 16 year old is still good, but the 18 year old will walk AROUND the litter box to potty on the floor. But...we all love our babies.

Thanks for stopping by this week!

Amy E. #8

Twiglet said...

Thanks for popping into my blog. I wish I was a neat freak! Unfortunately my sewing room is piled high with stuff! I do try to keep my desk clear enough for 2 machines so that I can craft anytime. x Jo

Morti said...

Hi Becki

I'm really late getting round to everyone this week! Thanks for stopping by my blog though.

You're right - that IS a great tote. Better than the Papermania ones, I'd say, because it doesn't matter how much is in it, there's no lid to zip up! Fab...

Tertia said...

I like neat, I am just not very good at it. :)
Happy very belated WOYWW
Tertia #86