Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Christmas Sneak Peeks.... And a Filofax Update!

Hello! One of my lovely customers (hello Jane!) told me yesterday that she'd been looking out for the sneak peeks of the projects we're going to be making at this evening's "Create Your Own Christmas" class, but hadn't been able to find them. There's a very good reason for that - I hadn't put them up yet (Oops!). So, I thought, better late than never - I hope -  so here they are:

We'll be making twelve cards this evening, four each of three designs, and each design is very different from the other two, so you end up with a variety of styles of card. Next month, we'll be moving on to making some gift items, so you can make a head start on those handmade gifts you always mean to make but never get round to. I promise I'll pop some sneak peeks of those projects on here somewhat earlier (I'm in the process of putting together a blog planner in my new Filofax, hee hee...) so you can have a peep at what we're going to be doing.

Talking of my Filofax, I've had a few comments about my post the other day, so I thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on with it. It's still early days in terms of getting it all set up, but so far I do seem to be getting more organised and efficient. I actually wrote down a list this morning, when I stopped for my first rest of the day (I have to have several, in order not to crash and burn...), of what I'd done today up to that point. I was so pleased with myself I rang Alan to tell him! By ten o'clock this morning, I'd showered, got dressed, had breakfast, put on make-up and some perfume (the make-up and perfume every day thing is a bit of an experiment. It seems to make me more productive for some reason - maybe because I feel a bit more like I'm going "out to work"), fed Rosie, cleaned her litter tray, given her her medication (with Alan's help!), cleaned the downstairs loo and basin, sorted out and done a load of washing, vacuumed the top floor, the middle floor landing, the downstairs hall and cloakroom, and the living room, emptied and re-loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the cooker hood and kitchen tiles and even made the batch of yogurt I've been trying to get round to doing for weeks!

Now, I wrote down absolutely everything, because I have a tendency to be hard on myself and not give myself credit for things that aren't specified on my "to do" list, and some of these things took next to no time. The thing is, though, normally, I potter around aimlessly for a lot more of the day than I dare admit, and the reason I got so much done today (and I did a similar amount yesterday morning too, though the idea of writing down a "done" list didn't occur to me until today) is because I had written down in my lovely new Filofax a break-down of my day, timetabling in my rests, and blocking out "lumps" of time to do certain things. Before nine o'clock is my getting me ready and looking after Rosie time, and then from nine to ten is housework, and I decide the night before what my priorities are going to be in that time. I found that jobs I dread, and which seem in my head to be enormous, actually don't take that long, if I focus on doing them, rather than on worrying about getting them done.

I know I could have done all of this before, but somehow, having a dedicated "book" aimed at organising my life, which is pretty and lovely to hold, and makes me smile, means that I have motivation to make the lists which before got written on scraps of paper and left around the house. All well and good, but untidy and a little depressing. I'm not the tidiest person in the world (ask my husband!), but I do LIKE tidiness. It is sort of my holy grail, and having this beautiful book has taken me a step closer to achieving it.  Does that make sense?

Right. I hope you liked the sneak peeks - I'm looking forward to this evening's class. Must write down that I need to go and pick up some more yummy snacky things to take with me....

Back soon!

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I'm looking forward to coming along to class tonight.