Monday, 10 September 2012

Crafting For The Non-Crafter - Showcase Those Family Photos!

Hello! Soooo sorry to go quiet on you - turns out that what I thought was a migraine last Monday was actually some kind of virus, and I spent most of last week either in bed or sitting on the sofa like a limp lettuce leaf. I'm sure Alan must have been fed up with me - I was certainly getting fed up with myself! Don't like being that kind of ill where you don't feel toooo bad until you start to do things, then it washes over you like waves. Yucky.

Anyway. Let's try again with my focus on the fabby new Autumn Winter Catalogue. I said I'd show you something that will even get the non-crafters among you (or your friends) going down the handmade route this year. Just have a look at this:

Love it!!! Can you imagine anything better for all those family newsletter-type Christmas cards, where you send an up-to-date photo of all your family together? I get several of these each year, from friends who, sadly, live too far away to see regularly, and I think these cards would make a brilliant way to showcase those photos, don't you?

You can just see that the envelopes are prettily scalloped, and you even get the ribbon, and the paper to line the envelopes with - beautiful!

If you fancy doing a little more than just popping a photo into the card, there is a co-ordinating stamp available (you can see it here)

or you can you can of course stamp or otherwise embellish it in any other way that takes your fancy.

I'm loving that Stampin' Up! are broadening their appeal to those who wouldn't necessarily think of themselves as "crafters". After all, as anyone who knows me will know, I passionately believe that there is creativity in all of us - you don't have to be super-talented to craft in one way or another. I certainly don't lay claim to be the biggest crafting talent out there, but I do LOVE what I do!

If you fancy sending out your Christmas family photos in these gorgeous cards, then get in touch with me. You can find out how to order by clicking here (you'll even find an order form there that you can download, fill in and send to me), or email me and I can send you more details.

Enjoy your day!

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