Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sweet Pressed... And An Announcement for My International Readers!

Hello! This is such an exciting time to be involved with Stampin' Up! - I can hardly keep up with everything that's going on! Read on to find out what's been announced today.....

First of all, I want to share another instalment in my tour of the things that I love about the new Autumn / Winter catalogue. Today I want to show you that, even if you aren't a papercrafter, we have things on offer that will really excite you.

How about this, for the bakers among you - or those of you who have children who love to help you bake? These are our Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps, a fantastic way of producing beautifully decorated cakes and biscuits in an instant. Just press the stamp into the dough, or into the top of the cake after cooking, and hey presto! you'll have a gorgeously patterned biscuit or cake.

Come back tomorrow to see something from our new Autumn Winter Catalogue that I think is perfect for the non-crafters among you, or for your non-crafty friends. I wanted to show you today, but I think it's time now to let you in on the amazing news that was released today....

New Stampin' Up! Markets Opening!
This morning, we've been informed that Stampin' Up! will be opening for business in Austria and The Netherlands on 8th October 2012 - amazing news for all the super-talented crafters over there, who've been waiting so patiently to be able to get their hands on our wonderful products.

It seems to me that, every day when I switch on the news, there is doom and gloom about the economic situation. How wonderful, then, to be involved with a company that is defying all the odds, and growing and expanding even in these difficult times! I know I bang on about how incredible Stampin' Up! is, but doesn't this just underline what an amazing company I work with?

There is even more good news. Not only is Stampin' Up! opening up in new countries on the 8th October,  but on the same date, the barriers are coming down between the five countries in Europe that Stampin' Up! will then operate in. In practical terms, this means that customers in France, Germany, Austria and The Netherlands - as well as the UK - will be able to buy Stampin' Up! products from me direct - and they'll be able to join Team Sunshine, my team of Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrators, as well. I'm so excited about this, as I have lived in France and have friends over there, and I know there are people in all five of those markets who visit this blog. If you are in any of these countries (or if you have friends in any of them) then please get in touch with me or pass on this amazing news to anyone who might be interested in it.

If you'd be interested in joining my team, click here for more information. Remember, if you're in France, Germany, Austria or The Netherlands, you have a few more weeks to wait before you can come on board, but it's not too early to start finding out more. Email me to let me know you're interested - I'd love to hear from you.

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