Thursday, 13 September 2012

They're Selling Out Fast!

Hello! Most people, when they're told that something is limited stock, rush out to make sure they get theirs before everyone else beats them to it. Stampin' Up! afficionados are obviously no different - the items on the Retiring Lists are going fast!

Click here to see a list of all the stamp sets that are retiring at the end of September, and click here to see a list of all the accessories that will be going then. If there's an "X" in the "Availability" column, that means that item has sold out already (sorry!!). Don't let that happen to the things you want - once they're gone, they're gone, and there is no guarantee that we have enough stock to last until the end of September.

If there are items on the Retiring Lists that you want, click here to email your order to me. There is a link to a .pdf version of the Order Form in the sidebar that you can download, fill in and email to me if you'd like to - that makes things a little easier (and therefore quicker) for me, but a simple email is fine. Do make sure you include your payment details as well as your name and address, plus a contact number where I can get hold of you, in case I need to check anything with you or need any more information.

Don't keep putting it off... I'd hate you to be disappointed!


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