Monday, 17 September 2012

Woohoo - Look What I've Got!!!!

Hello! Okay, advance warning that this is a totally non-crafty post, but I make no apology for that - I'm so excited and wanted to share with you! Proving yet again that I have the BEST husband in the world, Alan bought me THIS on Saturday:

Isn't it beautiful!!? I am now the proud owner of a luscious, raspberry-coloured A5 Finsbury Filofax, and I'm so excited to be able to take this step towards getting myself much better organised. Here is an inside view:

Not much to see yet, 'cause I've not been able to spend a lot of time "moving in" so far, but hopefully you can get a really good impression of just how much space this gem has to offer. And the colour is just WOW!

Now, I've had Filofaxes - on and off - for about twenty years, and in that time I've got used to eliciting one of two reactions. People seem either to be REALLY enthusiastic, or REALLY sceptical (I had one comment yesterday of, "ohh, how very EIGHTIES of you!"). So....why do I continue to use such an "outdated" paper system?

Let me explain. I have an amazing smartphone, and I will continue to use that, but for some things you really can't beat good, old-fashioned Writing Things Down. You can't flip through a smartphone easily, if you need to check back and forth between different pieces of information. You can with a paper system - they positively encourage you to flip through their pages. Also, efficient though my smartphone may be for some things (note: I said "some"), it isn't very.... erm.... inspiring. Whereas, my Filofax makes me smile just to look at it. My Filofax never demands updates to its firmware, and it is accessible whether or not there is a decent phone or wi-fi signal available. And it never crashes, duplicates information randomly or needs its battery recharging. I can work with it late into the evening without it ruining my chances of getting off to sleep and, when I need to think about what I'm going to write next, I don't have to swipe my finger across its screen so that I can see what I wrote a few minutes before.

I'm looking forward to tweaking the system until I have something in place that works perfectly for me. I'll be adding customised dividers (lots of pretty Designer Series Paper called for there, methinks!) to make it feel less "office-y", so I shall smile to look at the inside as well as the outside. I shall add not only useful pieces of information (though of course they'll go in too), but things that make me feel good: quotations that inspire me or raise my spirits, pictures that I associate happy times with, suggestions for music I want to listen to, or books I want to read. I shall use it for planning my classes, taking notes, jotting ideas down, reminding me of those things I never remember unless they're written down... the possibilities are endless!

And my smartphone? Well, I shall continue to use this as my contact database, my instant "find anything out when I'm out and about" connection to the internet, and I shall have my master diary on it too, synced with Outlook and Google Calendar. It has its uses, and it is seriously good (most of the time!) at the things I need it for, but I've decided that I'm giving up the attempt to be mostly paperless. For me, I'll always be a pen and paper kind of a girl...

Back with more crafty-ness tomorrow. Thanks for dropping in!

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Angel Jem said...

I love your enthusiasm and the pink is gorgeous! Have fun!