Friday, 9 November 2012

2012 Convention Memento Mall Stash

Hello! One of the things I enjoy about Convention is being able to buy lovely goodies that are exclusive to Demonstrators, way before they make it onto the general Supply List. Many of them, indeed, don't ever make it onto the Supply List as stocks sell out completely at Convention. A couple of years ago I bought my beloved Greenhouse Garden design tote that goes with me EVERYWHERE when I go crafting, and they're like gold dust now!

I thought you might like to see my Memento Mall haul from this year's Convention. I bought LOADS, most of it now squirrelled away to be used as gift in the welcome packs I put together for new demonstrators who join my team...

I always LOVE our bags! The one above is based on the Comfort Cafe Suite and is probably my favourite.

This one is based on the Floral District Suite - very bright and cheerful!

And this third one is based on the Patio Party Suite. Loving all the butterflies!

Then there were the pens....

These sold out, so I was SO glad to have got a pack.

Next, this gorgeous Wish List notepad. Love this!

These next things are little magnetic Dry-Wipe Boards, perfect for popping onto the fridge. Again, they sold out really quickly.

I think these little Sticky Notes are my favourite out of everything. I'm a bit of a sticky note addict....

Stampin' Up! Flip-Top Mittens!!!!!

And still on the winter theme, Stampin' Up! lipsalve. This one's the Watermelon flavour, but I got Pomegranate (it's yummy!).

Hungry now? Exclusive Cookie Presses, not available in our catalogues.

I just HAD to get this card tree - isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!!!? Look out for this appearing at my parties and fairs soon.

And how cool is this? A hammer, that has three different screwdrivers inside the handle! Not particularly crafty,  but I LOVE tools and these are so much prettier to keep in the house than the other ones I have.

I also got the matching tape measure, but didn't take a picture of that, for some reason.

Finally, I took this photo of people paying for their stash. It's a bit blurry, my hands were a bit full at the time!

Hope you enjoyed the peek into Memento Mall - see you soon!

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Tina said...

Wow Becki it all looks fantastic. I hope I get to go next year xx