Monday, 3 December 2012

Going Up In The World!

Is it really over a week since my last post?! Last week was sooooo busy, and then to cap it all I've spent most of the weekend in bed with the lurgy (well, with the rotten bug that Alan very kindly donated to me). I'm up and running again, though coughing well, so you'll probably be glad you're reading this, rather than me telling you in person!

My husband Alan, as a lot of you know, works for BT. Well, last week saw him travelling down to London twice, to be shmoozed at the top of the BT Tower, and on Friday I was able to join him. Now I know it isn't the tallest building in London, but it's still pretty darned high, and being invited to go up it is a BIG thing, as it isn't open to the public any more. The photo above shows part of the view from the 34th floor of the tower, which actually rotates so you can see across the whole of London without having to move, if you want to. The tall building in the centre of the photo is the Shard, which IS London's tallest building.

And here's another picture of the view, taken before the sun quite went down. I don't know what the brightly coloured buildings were, but I loved them!

And after dark - I love all the lights! Sorry this one's a bit blurry, but the floor was rotating by then (and no, it wasn't the champagne!), and I only had my phone to take pictures with.

They served cakes...

And the neatest rows of sandwiches I'd ever seen...

And here's a picture of the hotel room that we stayed in, courtesy of BT. It was a FIVE STAR (never stayed in such a posh hotel!) literally across the road from St Paul's cathedral. Amazing!

I can't finish this post without saying how proud I am of Alan. The reason we were invited to London was because he was being recognised by BT for going above and beyond what his job demands of him over the past year - sort of a really swish pat on the back. To be one of only thirty people recognised in this way, out of over 13,000 in the division of BT that he works for is incredible - well done sweetheart, so proud of you!

Back soon (cough and cold permitting!) with some more crafting... Thanks for dropping by!

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Alison xx said...

Well done Alan, what an achievement. Looks like you had a fab time. A xx