Friday, 4 January 2013

Introducing Talking Tags!

I love technology! I'm a bit of a girly geek, to tell the truth, and I do have a thing for all sorts of gadgets (bought an amazing label printer yesterday - more about that another time). You don't normally think of papercrafting being particularly tech-y though. Or at least I didn't, until I looked at the new gizmo Stampin' Up! has brought us...

The little sticker is a "Talking Tag", and you can add it to any flat surface that takes your fancy.

So what does a Talking Tag do? Well, ir carries a personalised message wherever you want to send the tag! You just download the free "TalkingTag" app (from, iTunes or Google Play) and scan the tag. Then you can record a message and, when the tag is scanned again, the message will play back. Imagine all the fun you could have! Personalised messages inside greetings cards springs immediately to mind, but there are all sorts of other things too. How about adding one to a gift tag for a present you are posting rather than delivering in person?

If you want to have a closer look, click here and you'll bring up a flyer with full details. On there is a Taking Tag which, if you scan it, will deliver to you a special message from the Stampin' Up! CEO, Shelli Gardner.

You can order Talking Tags from me right now - just £7.25 for a pack of ten. Call me if you fancy giving them a go. What would you use a Talking Tag for?

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