Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I'm going to take a brief pause today, to show you a photo of our little cat, Rosie. I know I've put pictures on here before, but they've always been an add-on at the bottom of another post, rather than being just here in their own right. Apologies to those of you who are not pet-people, but normal service will be resumed with my next post...

Here is Rosie, sleeping on Alan's lap.

At the moment Rosie is being treated a bit like a princess. She's an elderly lady of fourteen now and, about six months ago, she was diagnosed as being hyperthyroidic. The vet prescribed tablets twice a day to suppress her thyroxin production; they seem to be doing the trick, and she's (thankfully!) putting a bit of weight back on. However, when we took her to the vet a couple of weeks back we had a nasty shock. Rosie reacted really badly to the routine blood-test that she has to have every three months and collapsed on the table when the vet brought her back to the consultation room. It took her a good twenty minutes to start responding again and, needless to say, we were both starting to think that we might be going to lose her.

We've been told that Rosie may not have long left with us. Her kidneys are starting to struggle now - apparently a common symptom in hyperthyroidic cats. This is being managed with further medication, and we've both become experts in administering feline tablets. Amazingly, in the last couple of weeks Rosie has been much more like herself, and has been getting into everything and generally ruling the roost. The only indicator that she's poorly has been the clean-up operations that we have had to undertake rather more often than we'd like, when her food has troubled her or she has forgotten what the litter-tray is for.

The vet nurse told us weeks ago that most people wouldn't have been prepared to cope with a cat on constant medication, and the messiness that goes with a pooly animal. We've been told that the time may come soon when we have to decide to let her go, but that she would let us know when that time had arrived. I don't like to think of that day coming; Rosie has been my constant companion for all but the first six months of her life and, quite honestly, I'm not sure how I'll deal with it when I have to say goodbye.

But, for now, she's happy and affectionate, and isn't troubled by her symptoms. For as long as that remains the case, we'll cuddle her, and feed her chicken, and give her her tablets, and clean up after her whenever we have to. She's part of our little family, and inconvenience isn't a deal-breaker. We both love her to bits and until she's in pain and has had enough, we'll do whatever we need to do.

Here's a video I shot earlier this evening, and you can see that she's still very much a kitten at heart. I love how she suddenly realises she's being watched and starts to behave in a very dignified fashion. (The video is very basic; I have zero editing skills and you have no idea how long it took me to work out how to attach it to this post. I hope you can see it!)

Thanks for indulging me. Back soon.

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Ooops mum's here!!! I will pretend that I am just sat here casually cleaning my paws :)
A kiss from me for lovely Rosie, and hugs for you and Alan :)