Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Fabulous Punch Storage

April already! I hope you had a lovely Easter. We spent a lovely quiet weekend here, with Alan actually off work - makes a nice change to be able to spend a Bank Holiday together.

A couple of weeks ago, I treated myself to this, which now sits in pride of place at the back of my desk:

I can't tell you how useful I'm finding it. I've reclaimed a whole shelf for other purposes now, and my well-loved collection of punches each (well, most of them) have their own little slot. Perfect!

The unit was made by a talented chap named Phil, who is, I understand, the husband of a fellow Demonstrator up in Scotland. I won't put his full name, or his email address, on here, as I don't want to open him up to spamming, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind me passing on hs details if you're interested in having one of these brilliant units too. I would thoroughly recommend it.

My craft desk is getting to be so well organised now, what with my Colour Caddy and now this - lovely! What's the best bit of crafty storage you've ever bought?


Sharon said...

Hi Becky
I'd be interested in having his details if you're able to pass them on as I'd love inkpad storage.
Sharon xx

hotpotato said...

Love your punch store. My best storage is my ikea expedit units, very solid and just fab.

Becki Ritson said...

I love my Expedit units too - my craftroom just wouldn't work without them!

Sharon, I think the chap who made this unit does inkpad storage too. I'll send his details on to you. I don't know if your inkpads are Stampin' Up! ones or not, but I store all mine in the Stampin' Up! Colour Caddy. It's fab!

Thanks for commenting, ladies, it's lovely to hear from you.