Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Twitterpated Refurbished Lampshade

You know those projects that you keep meaning to get on with, but which for some reason don't get done for ages? Well, this was one of those...

A good few years ago, I had a lovely lamp that sat in my conservatory, with a beautiful cream fabric shade - gorgeous, it was. Well, four house-moves later, the shade was no longer a lovely cream colour. This is what it looked like:

Dog-eared wasn't the word. But, try as I might, I couldn't find another shade to fit the lamp (I love Ikea, but they don't exactly do standard fittings!) so it has been sitting in our living room for the past year or so. Every time I looked at it, I thought, "I really must do something about that", then went off and did something about something else. You know the way it works. Anyway, a couple of evenings ago, I was full of energy for some reason and decided that NOW WAS THE TIME. A quick shuffle through my acres of pretty paper, a couple of happy hours "playing" and here is the end result, back in pride of place in the living room:

Wow - what an improvement! I keep toddling downstairs and peeping round the door to have a look at it.

Here's the back of it, so you can see the ribbon I covered the join in the paper with.

And here is a close-up of the detail. This Cherry Cobbler Scallop Dots ribbon is soooo pretty!

I even added seam binding around the top and the bottom, to seal the edges of the paper.

I get so excited by the fact that you can do things like this with PAPER. This is our Twitterpated Designer Series Paper, and I think it looks fab! If you're keen to try this yourself, I used our Multipurpose Adhesive sheets to glue the DSP on - but put the glue on the paper, not the lampshade (at least, not if yours is fabric with a really fragile plastic liner, like mine). You need to be able to press to release the adhesive from its backing paper after you've adhered it to the first surface, and although I managed it, it would have been MUCH easier if I'd just put it on the DSP instead. Ah well, you live and learn..

I hope you liked this project. I'll be back to share more soon. Thanks for dropping in!


hotpotato said...

What a fab idea and a great transformation.

Becki Ritson said...

Thank you! x