Monday, 13 May 2013

UK Regional Training - Team Gifts

What a fantastic weekend! I got back yesterday from Stampin' Up!'s first UK-wide Regional Training event, and am so excited! It was a wonderful chance to spend time with some of my lovely team of Demonstrators, and I loved having the opportunity to make something for them all. All the girls got one of these (with their own name on, obviously):

This was Alan's first event since becoming my official Supporting Demonstrator, and I loved that he was able to join in with all the fun, rather than just acting as chauffeur and spending a lot of time mooching around in the hotel, which has been the case for so many official SU events. I made him a gift bag too, but changed it about a bit so it was somewhat less girly (I hope!).

Inside each bag, I put a bottle of water and some snacks. Some of my team have quite restrictive dietary requirements so I thought it would be nice for them to have something they could nibble on during the day - all that excitement makes you really hungry! Or is it just me? I could eat for England, I'm sure one day it'll catch up with me...

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hotpotato said...

Love how you decorated the bags, a nice gift in itself.